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Changing Content Language And Theme

Changing Content Language And Theme

Again Hello everyone, after the very long time (4 years later)

With the this post, I announce that I will change the my website content to English. This means my new posts will be in English. I wanted to change my old post language but I can say unfortunately there are 126 article and translating needs a lot of time and I dont want to spend. Even I decide to translate them after the 20,30 article I know that I will gonna stop translating.

Question is that why I decided to change content language. Actually, there are a lot of reason for it but to summarize biefly, I want to write my articles not only for Turkish speakers but for whole world. Also while I trying to do it, I believe that my English writing skills improve.

Second important topic is website theme. I changed the soo simply desing. If you want old style you can use 🙂

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